I was on my morning walk when I felt a tiny pebble in my shoe. It was so small that I walked for a good half-mile before noticing it. When it finally made its way to the underside of my heel, I tried hard to ignore it. I walked for…

Coyotes. I see them all the time; they remind me how easy it is to become divided within my own heart. I’ve lost more than one beloved furbaby to a coyote’s hunger. In California. Colorado. Oregon. In July 2017, I found my beloved cat of sixteen years one morning after…

I pay attention to the way words take on the shape of the person who is speaking. How meaning can be found in the way someone lingers on a letter or syllable or space in-between. How some sentences sacrifice nuance in order to be understood.

I pay attention to how…

My work is to listen to the underbelly of what is being said & bring to light the deeper pulses running in the dark.

My work is to keep reaching beyond my own comprehension at every click of the keyboard; this is the only way words will ever sustain my…

On Sunday morning, I had a meltdown. I felt it coming on when I returned from my morning walk, so I tried picking a fight with Chris. …

Sometimes in the garden

I forget who I am

and I fall forward onto both hands

like a toddler

I wish for wings

but my armor most defines me

I am the pill bug that curls inward

only to unfurl again

when no one is looking

This life is worn

When I was three years old, I attended church on Sundays. One morning when I’d had enough of the pastor’s long-winded sermon, I let out a loud wail: “Mom, is this EVER gonna be over?!” My sudden outburst sent the entire congregation into a bout of uneasy laughter.

Lake Bohinj was the perfect choice for a six-day sojourn in Slovenia. Quiet. Not many tourists. Serene as can be.

On our second morning, we slept in, ate a delicious breakfast prepared by our host, then set off to roam the paths surrounding the lake. After wandering a bit, I…

Candice Schutter

Candice Schutter is a writer & educator whose work focuses on inner authority, self-expression, and courage in the face of change.

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